How to beat a bookmaker on betting

How to beat?

Or we win sports betting.
Almost 90% of the players who decide to win from bookmakers lose to them.
Someone talks about the “only» method by which you can beat a bookmaker, however, we can say that this is not true.

We track more than 100 bookmakers and we can say that only cold calculation, the use of a special automated service or software product will help you win from a betting company. Many good igoroks have been working in bookmakers for a long time, so 100% of the «strategies» that are sold/published on the Internet — 100% do not work. These are well-known steps, methods and tricks for a long time.

Let’s figure out why so many players are still asking the question “how to beat a bookmaker?” and they believe what they write on the forums? The answer is simple — in human psychology. Each of us wants to believe that he will be able to win without effort and financing from companies that spend many millions to minimize the possibility of losing money.

  • Let’s look at the stages of the game of a person who decided to beat a bookmaker:
  • I bet a lot of money and rejoice in a small win. Mostly I place bets in real offices. Often «crazy» winnings.
  •  I bet less money, I start betting in online betting casinos. I’m thinking about how to win more.
    3. I am looking for a «universal strategy». I think over every bet.
    It is worth noting that it is at stage 3 that most players leave online betting, because the winnings are small, a lot of time is spent, and the risks are high. And then they start looking for universal ways to beat the bookmaker on sports betting and 99% just «drain» the money. Although the strategy in general may be correct.

But then why doesn’t it work, you ask?

Automation of the process – we will answer. For example, you sit down at the monitor screen and see a lot of betting quotes. There are many, many of them. You really want to win. Beat a bookmaker who has already taken a lot of money from you. But the question is — how to analyze more than 1000 events? And if there are more than 100 bookmakers? And then you start not seeing those events and not noticing those that could bring you money.

About 10 years ago, we also developed our strategies, sat up all night and thought about where to put it? Which bookmaker should I transfer money to? But in the end, the understanding that probability theory, statistics and automation are what we need has come.

We can confidently say that the only strategy that allows you to beat a bookmaker in online tennis betting is the search for forks. In automatic mode. At all bookmakers. This is really a risk-free strategy. But it is extremely difficult without automation. Silt is even practically impossible.

Let’s look at what a «Fork» is and why you need a special service or program for analysis.

For example, there is a fight between boxer 1 and boxer 2. Many bookmakers give their quotes for this fight. For example, 1.40-2.75. In all offices, the rates will be approximately the same, otherwise if someone makes quotes in the area – 1.6-2.5 – all the players will make so many bets on 1.6 that the bookmaker will never collect money for the cold end. These are a huge risk for the bookmaker. And the bookmaker, as we remember, does not like to lose money.

And suddenly it becomes known that Boxer 1 has damaged his hand.

Following this news, bookmakers begin to lower the 1 coefficient on the igorok. Depending on the human factor and the software used (on the side of the bookmaker) — one of the bookmakers may simply not change the quote. And we get the simplest fork-a two-exit.

And now imagine how likely you are to find such a fork among 1000 offers of 1 office? And if there are 100 of these offices? It is very difficult to detect forks on your own, which means that it is guaranteed to beat a bookmaker. We managed it 10 times.

And with the help of our online fork search service, we can detect more than 1000 forks in more than 100 offices. Why don’t you have a universal (and most importantly – working) technique that allows you to beat a bookmaker in sports betting?

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