About Calgary Tomorrow

We are Calgary citizens that care deeply about our City and the direction of Council in the next four years. We are like the many Calgarians who are in search of change, which we know is already happening in a significant way in the upcoming election.

In fact, over ten Councillors and a new Mayor will be elected in the October 2021. That’s at least eleven new faces on a Council of fourteen people. With such a large turnover, having the right leaders is critical. Calgary’s new Mayor needs to know how to bring Councillors together to get things done. The most important qualities in a Mayor and Council include strong communication and collaboration skills, and an ability to bring new business investment to Calgary.

Of all the candidates for Mayor, Calgary Tomorrow believes that Jeff Davison offers the right kind of leadership for the City of Calgary at this critical point in time.

Jeff is a business leader with a track record of getting tough projects across the finish line. Over his first term as Councillor, he has proven himself as a capable leader who can get things done through authentic collaboration with fellow Councillors and private sector partners.

The foundations of major initiatives championed by Jeff include the BMO expansion, Event Centre, Arts Commons expansion that creates a true Culture & Entertainment District, a Downtown Strategy, an economic diversification strategy, moving forward on The Green Line, and directing work on the “Central Station” concept with the new train which will allow more tourists to visit Calgary on their way to Banff via train.

It is crucial these strategies and projects get fully executed over the next four years. Jeff has proven that he has the leadership skills to get them done and that’s why we are putting our support behind his bid to become Mayor of Calgary.

In addition to supporting Jeff Davison for Mayor, we may identify and support candidates for Council who are capable of collaboration and consensus building. If you share our passion for the future of our great City and want to build a strong City Council that can move Calgary forward at this critical point in time, we invite you to join our effort to support this organization in executing election advertising for Jeff Davison and other potential candidates for Council.