How to become a bookmaker

Bookmaker — who is it, and how to become one?

Everything you need to know about bookmaking

A bookmaker is a person who professionally specializes in betting on money. The debater accepts forecasts for upcoming events of various kinds (more often — sports games, less often — political, economic, cultural and other events) with coefficients set in advance for them. After that, he calculates the bets and deals with the distribution of winnings.

Bookmaker — the essence of the specialty

According to Ukrainian legislation (subject to amendments in 2020), a bookmaker can be: Only a legal entity registered on the territory of Ukraine. In previous years, private entrepreneurs were allowed to accept bets — now it is officially prohibited;
A specialized company with an authorized capital in the amount of UAH 30 million and issued a License for betting activities. The cost of the document is 180 million hryvnia.

Another important point: the owners of a significant share and the final beneficiaries, the chief accountant and the heads of the betting shop, as well as any of its participants (shareholders, founders):

  • They cannot be registered in countries included in the special FATF list.
  • They must have an impeccable proven business reputation.

If you decide to work in the betting industry, you should understand that in fact the profession of «bookmaker» no longer exists in Ukraine. There are only specialties whose representatives work in bookmakers.

Bookmaker’s work

In the state of any land-based «bookmaker» there is:

  • Cashiers-operators

Employees who sit in closed booths with cash registers and PCs. Print out the lines. They accept bets and money from betters. They form coupons with forecasts and give them to customers. After the completion of the events, the winnings are paid.

  • Administrators

Senior staff supervising cashiers-operators. Identify violations, accept complaints from visitors, make shift schedules. Write out bonuses, impose fines.

  • Prematch analysts

Professional forecasters

Specialists in certain sports and «non-sports». They select the correct coefficients for the paintings, set margins — before the start of the competition.

  • Live Analytics

Also highly qualified specialists, but solving slightly different tasks. With the use of software, they choose profitable quotes and margins for the BC — in the course of events, i.e. in live. Limit the amount of forecasts, temporarily or completely stop accepting bets, «closing» the coefficients.

  • System Administrators

IT workers. Professionals in software

TV monitors, printers, computers, any hardware and software available at the BC. Monitor the smooth operation of equipment and software.

  • Representatives of the Security Service

Personnel who monitor customers online and control the work of cashiers-operators, administrators and any other employees of the company. He watches videos in real time (cameras are mounted in the halls of offices, in operator booths, executive offices) and, if necessary, takes measures — reports violations, calls the police.

It is strictly forbidden for all employees of bookmakers to place bets on any events. The condition is prescribed in the employment contract. For violation of the mandatory requirement — a fine, dismissal.

Building a career

It is impossible to study the specialty bookmaker or sports forecaster in colleges and universities of Ukraine. It is necessary to start «from scratch» and a junior position — an operator. In a year or even less, you can become an assistant administrator — the employee who, in the absence of the «chief», oversees the work of other cashiers, and then reports violations. You can apply for the position of administrator (and the salary is about twice as high) in a few years.

Prospects of the profession

Despite the fact that betting is increasingly «immersed» in the Internet, bookmakers have a demand for employees. If you have experience, finances and interest in the sports betting industry, you can try to open your own office — online or offline.

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