How to find a bookmaker’s mirror

What is an online bookmaker’s mirror?

The mirror is an alternative address of the bookmaker’s official website, a one-hundred-percent copy with a different URL (domain name).

Visiting the site through the mirror does not limit the player in any way. All attributes of the bookmaker remain the same, except for the web address – links in the browser address bar. In other words, only the entry point is different.

  • The main entry point is the address of the official website, and mirrors are additional entry points.
  • The working mirror of the bookmaker’s office is a portal, the interface and functionality of which is completely identical to the official website blocked by Rospotrebnadzor.
  • The duplicate site has the only difference from the main version – this is the address of the domain on which it is hosted. It can contain no more than a few additional characters.


When clicking on the link to an alternative domain, you need to pay attention to its name. If it is radically different from the main BC portal or does not contain the BC name, it is worth finding another address. Otherwise, all the personal data of the betterer and his gaming account may fall into the hands of fraudsters.

The greatest demand for mirrors of betting shops is concentrated in Russia, due to the wide audience of betters and the ban on online gambling establishments. With the help of a copy site, the bookmaker can keep the profit on sports betting at the desired level, regardless of the blocking of the main resource, and the betterer gets access to the LC, the site and the gaming account at any time.

Why do we need up-to-date mirrors of bookmakers?

The competent authorities are not able to completely block the betting company’s website, that is, suspend its operation, but can only restrict access – make it impossible to log in to the site through the official web address. The use of mirrors allows you to circumvent this ban and visit a blocked bookmaker’s resource.

However, over time, mirrors also stop working, since they are also added to the register of banned sites, which forces players to periodically search for work addresses.

How to find a working mirror of a bookmaker?

Blocked bookmakers are interested in players having alternative access to their site, so they are constantly creating new mirrors.

To quickly find a complete list of officially registered mirrors of bookmakers, a betterer can use any of the suggested methods:

  • find thematic groups of bookmakers of interest on social networking sites;
  • visit specialized betting forums /sites;
  • go to the main BC website, view the current list of working mirrors of the bookmaker’s office in the menu today or contact support (to get to the site, you need to bypass the blocking using a VPN or TOR browser);
  • via email or mobile phone number — the method is suitable only for registered players. In most cases, immediately after the main portal is blocked, the bookmaker sends a newsletter to registered betters, in which a new alternative address is indicated.

The copy site does not work for a relatively long time. Until Rospotrebnadzor performs another check and blocks the new domain. This situation is not critical for either the bookmaker or the betterer. A series of regular bookmaker blockages can stop only if he decides to cooperate with the MCC and Rospotrebnadzor and acquires the necessary license.

Is it safe to place bets using copy sites?

There is nothing complicated in using the current mirrors of offshore bookmakers. All processes are identical to the actions on the main version of the site. To enter the site, players use the authorization data that they received when registering on the main portal.

Each betterer decides for himself which bookmakers to cooperate with – legal or offshore. Giving preference to the second option, we should not forget about the serious risks:

  • There is no guarantee of confidentiality of the personal information of the betterer (payment details, passport information).
  • In case of problems related to the payment of winnings or other issues, there will be nowhere to ask for help.
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