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Calgary Tomorrow Officially Endorses Jeff Davison For Mayor, Invites Calgarians to Join its Cause

Calgary, Alberta, July 28, 2021 – Calgary Tomorrow, a registered Third-Party Advertiser (TPA) in the City of Calgary for the 2021 General Election, has officially announced its support for mayoral candidate Jeff Davison. Calgary Tomorrow is the only registered Third-Party Advertiser to openly support a specific mayoral candidate. Calgary Tomorrow is committed to supporting Davison because of his track record championing major initiatives such as:

  • Calgary’s Culture and Entertainment District including the BMO expansion, Event Centre, and the Arts Commons Expansion
  • Calgary’s Downtown Strategy
  • Calgary’s Economic Diversification Strategy
  • The Green Line, and
  • The “Central Station” concept that includes a new train that will allow more tourists to visit Calgary on their way to Banff

The organization encourages Calgarians who want to see the completion of these important projects and positive leadership at the Mayoral level to support Calgary Tomorrow.

“The reason to register as a Third-Party Advertiser is to engage in election advertising that promotes or opposes a candidate or candidates,” says Christina Pilarski, spokesperson for Calgary Tomorrow. “Our opponents have tried to make a political issue of the fact that Calgary Tomorrow plans to support Jeff Davison. That is what these organizations exist to do. Unlike the other registered Third-Party Advertisers, we are open about our support for one candidate. TPAs have considerable funds generated from labour unions to right-wing organizations. Calgarians deserve to know who they support.”

Calgary Tomorrow is committed to following all rules and regulations that have been set out by the provincial government for Third-Party Advertisers. We have also sought opinions from legal experts and discussed the legislation with election officials directly to ensure compliance. We have followed both the spirit and the letter of the law and we will continue to operate in within the framework provided by legislation.

The five other registered Third-Party Advertisers to date include ‘Calgarians for a Progressive Future’, ‘Fluoride Yes!’, ‘Lead Calgary’, ‘Look Forward Society for Political Action of Alberta’, and ‘Prosper Calgary Initiative’. Others may yet register. Calgarians should know which candidates have relationships with TPAs; in recent news articles and on social media we’ve seen campaign strategists, managers, and candidates all speak to the fact that they are having conversations with TPAs to secure support – which implies financing.

“We are encouraging the media, and all Calgarians, to visit the election Calgary website learn about all registered Third-Party Advertisers and to start to ask questions about how they will be spending the money they have raised and which candidates they will support. We are the only TPA to date being transparent with exactly what donations will be used for,” explains Pilarski.

Calgary Tomorrow was established by citizens that care deeply about the City and the direction of Council in the next four years. It represents Calgarians interested in the economic future of our city and ensuring the best candidates are elected to Council. Over ten Councillors and a new Mayor will be elected in the October. With such a large turnover, having the right leaders is critical. Calgary’s new Mayor needs to know how to bring Councillors together to get things done. The most important qualities in a Mayor and Council include strong communication and collaboration skills, and an ability to bring new business investment to Calgary. In addition to supporting Jeff Davison for Mayor, Calgary Tomorrow may identify and support candidates for Council who are capable of collaboration and consensus building.

Media Contact
Christina Pilarski, Official Spokesperson Calgary Tomorrow
403-836-8249 or

Statement July 24, 2021

Calgary Tomorrow is a registered Third Party Advertiser (TPA) supporting Jeff Davison for Mayor of Calgary. All Funds raised by Calgary Tomorrow will be spent on Election advertising in support of Jeff Davison’s campaign for Mayor.  Unlike other TPA’s, we are being perfectly transparent in declaring our allegiance to the one Candidate.  There are other TPAs out there who should make their alliances known as well.

The provincial rules related to TPAs are new  and we believe we have always operated well within those rules.  We will monitor everything we do to make sure we continue to operate with the rules.  From the beginning, we have applied a legal lens in all our decisions to ensure compliance.

We registered the TPA May 03, 2021.  The legal rules allow us to keep our registration unpublished. We regret that decision and going forward we will share more about Calgary Tomorrow and why we support Jeff.

Calgary Tomorrow